Why You Should Decorate Your Cups With Party Sleeves

Posted on 24 July 2017

If you have ever had an outdoor party, or even an indoor one, you know how easy it is for guests to get their drinks mixed up with one another. This is easy, especially if many people are having the same drink, or if the party is very big. From children’s birthdays to outdoor gatherings, cups that have party sleeves are a benefit to everyone involved, for health and sanitary reasons as well. Here are three reasons why you should have party sleeves on all your cups at your next get-together.


Party Sleeves Can Prevent Germs


Having party sleeves on everyone’s cup makes it easy to prevent germs from spreading. This is because all the sleeves get marked with a name, and the guests will know which cup is theirs. If the cups are not marked, and everyone is drinking similar drinks, it can be hard to tell who has the right cup. If guests are coming down with a cold, or there is a bug going around, this can be an easy way to get sick and continue spreading germs. By marking cups, you can easily tell who is having what. This is also health-issue related for family members that have certain diseases, and should not be drinking soda or other types of drinks. For example, a diabetic family member or guest would want to be careful so they do not drink something that isn’t diet soda, in order to keep their blood sugar stable. Party sleeves can ensure they aren’t having something that would harm them.


A Colorful Decoration For Cups


Party sleeves can be order in many different colors and styles. You can find one that is ideal for an anniversary party, or pick one that will coordinate with birthday party décor. If you are using simple plastic cups at your party, this can dress them up, and make them look pretty without spending much time decorating them or doing anything extra. There are even sleeves that are made for special holidays, such as Christmas. Finally, you can have a personalized and colorful party without spending a lot of prep time working on decorations.


Protection For Warm Drinks


Since party sleeves slip around the cup, they offer the guests an easy place to grab and hold on to. This is useful for warm drinks, such as coffee, or warmed up cider, that may make the outside of the cup feel hot. By holding the cup by the party sleeve, guests can prevent their hands from getting too hot or burned. This is ideal for young children, who may want a warm drink, but need something to keep their hands from getting burned when holding it.

Party sleeves are an excellent choice for any type of celebration. Besides being colorful, you can find one that goes with the design of your party. They offer protection for drinks that are warm. Best of all, guests can mark their names, and know with confidence which drink is theirs.


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