Try These Religious Gifts For The Faithful Person In Your Life

Posted on 08 June 2017

Are you looking to buy a gift for a spiritual person in your life? If so, there are many wonderful gifts that you can give them which will reflect their Christian faith. Such gifts are very well received, because they are so personal, and because they allow the recipient to express their faith boldly. If you are considering purchasing such a wonderful gift, read further. This article will provide a handy guide to some great inspirational gifts.


Inspirational Books


Inspirational literature is a huge genre, and there are many bookstores devoted exclusively to religious books. Of course, the Bible was the original inspirational book, and still makes a great gift. The variety of Bibles that are available today might make your head spin! The core message is the same, but the translation and added features (such as study guides and devotionals) can vary greatly. You can find children’s Bibles, Bibles meant to appeal to adolescents, Bibles for senior citizens, and Bibles for many other demographic groups. Try and find the Bible that best reflects the person you are buying for. You can personalize this gift even further by having the person’s name inscribed on the cover.  Another useful and thoughtful gift is a Bible Journaling bookmark with jewelry attached, to be taken off & worn & the card used as a bookmark for your bible or devotional.


There are thousands of other great devotional books that you can buy as well. Devotions and prayer guides are very popular, as are Christian self-help books. If the person you are buying for is a huge fan of fiction, consider buying an inspirational novel. As with mainstream fiction, there are actually many subgenres of inspirational fiction. You can find inspirational sci-fi, inspirational westerns, even inspirational romance! Really, the possibilities are endless. 


Religious Jewelry


This is another very popular inspirational gift item. You might be familiar with some of the more popular religious jewelry pieces, such as cross bracelets and necklaces. Really, that is the tip of the iceberg though. You can find inspirational wrist bands with scriptures and other messages engraved, inspirational rings containing both icons and messages, as well as earrings that can symbolize the wearer’s faith.


Inspirational T-Shirts


This is a very popular, and affordable, inspirational gift. There are many companies that make t-shirts with a variety of religious messages printed on, including Bible verses, messages of hope, and religious images. This is another great way for the wearer to express his or her faith to the world. You can find these on many different websites, as well as inspirational stores. You can find inspirational t-shirts for all ages and sizes.


Inspirational Art


Paintings and figurines are also very popular inspirational gifts. They are a perfect way for the recipient to express faith and devotion inside the home. There are many artists who specialize in hand-made religious art, as well as companies that produce paintings and figurines. Again, the internet is a great place to find this sort of art. If you can find the website of a few religious artists, or art companies, that you enjoy, you should be able to come away with countless gift ideas!

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