How To Live Out Your Faith Through Your Jewelry

Posted on 12 June 2017

Inspirational jewelry - that is, jewelry that displays religious themes or messages - is a very popular purchase these days. It is easy to see why: this jewelry serves as a constant reminder of your faith to yourself, and a constant expression of your faith to others. It can also give you a good opportunity to discuss your faith with others: if someone asks you about a particular piece of jewelry you are wearing, you can explain why it is so significant to you, and witness to them in the process. In addition to the reasons just mentioned, much of the inspirational jewelry that is on the market today is, quite frankly, stunningly beautiful! If you are looking to purchase jewelry that reflects your faith, read further. This article will highlight some of the more popular pieces available for purchase.


Blessing Bands


Blessing bands are very popular, and tend to make great gifts. As the name implies, these are worn around your wrist. They typically have an inspirational message, such as “Faith” or “Blessed,” carved into fine metals. This is a great, subtle way to express your faith through your accessories.


Prayer Bracelets


Prayer bracelets are another very popular type of inspirational bracelets. These are charm bracelets that are meant to remind you of things to pray for. For example, the charm might be a cross, representing “faith,” or a heart, representing “love.” These very affordable bracelets are popular, and cute, ways to improve your prayer life.


Inspirational Necklaces


This is a very popular form of inspirational jewelry and has been for centuries. Necklaces featuring the cross are, of course, very popular. Such necklaces run the gamut from the very high-end, to the very affordable. Cross necklaces serve as a relic that inspires devotion within the wearer, while also communicating the wearer’s faith to the outside world. Cross necklaces are not the only inspirational necklaces on the market, however. Another popular choice is necklaces that display pendants with Bible verses written on them. Finding a necklace with your favorite Bible verse can allow you to reflect on that verse throughout the day.


Inspirational Rings


Many Christians are choosing to wear inspirational rings these days. Such rings can include all kinds of inspirational designs and messages. The ring could include an icon, like a cross or an ichthus (the fish used to represent Jesus), or it could include a religious message engraved onto the ring, including a Bible verse. You may have heard of promise rings. These rings symbolize a commitment to abstinence, and are meant to be replaced by wedding rings on the wearer’s wedding day. Such rings are very popular among young people who have made a commitment to purity.


Inspirational Earrings


Inspirational earrings are also a great purchase. Such earrings might feature the cross or ichhthus, similar to rings and necklace. They are a great way to complete an inspirational jewelry set, and can easily be purchased online wherever inspirational jewelry is sold.

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