Prayer Bracelet- A Simple Way To Show You Care

Posted on 08 March 2017

Orthodox prayer bracelets have increased in popularity over the last few years. Young people have become extremely attracted to them, and proudly wear them for several different reasons. Aside from the religious meaning behind them, these bracelets are a great way to show the people you love how much you appreciate them. If given as a gift, the bracelet is a symbol of protection and good tidings.


History Of The Prayer Rope


Even though these bracelets may seem like a new fashion statement, they date back to the origin of Christianity. Per legend, Saint Anthony used a piece of rope to help him keep track of his prayers. Every time the Saint would say a prayer, he would tie a knot in a piece of rope. As the Saint was knotting his piece of rope, the devil would untie his knots, causing him to lose count.

The devoted Saint prayed to God to help him defeat the devious devil. After praying to God for help, an angel appeared to the Saint. The angel informed Saint Anthony that the only way to defeat the devil from untying his knots was to tie a special knot that the devil could not untie. The special knot consisted of seven interlocked pieces of fabric that formed a cross.

After being informed of this special knot, Saint Anthony decided to attempt to tie his prayer rope how he was instructed. Saint Anthony prayed and tied the special knot, and the devil attempted to untie it again. However, the devil was not able to untie the strands, because the cross vanquished his mortal powers. This is the reason why the rope has a symbolic meaning to the orthodox religion.


Modern Day Prayer Ropes


Modern day prayer ropes still follow the same premise as their history. The ropes contain a set of knots, usually thirty-three, fifty, or one hundred, and are available in many different forms. The ropes are available in necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. The original color of the rope is black. The modern versions of the accessory come in a wide array of colors. Some of the ropes contain crosses, like their original design. Others, may have beads or some other type of icon woven into them.


Who Would You Give A Prayer Rope To?


The prayer bracelet can be given to anyone that you care about. Not only do they come in different colors and styles, but they are also available in varying sizes. Children, adults, and the elderly can all adorn the bracelet. Receiving one of these bracelets is a compliment. If a person gives you one of these bracelets it means that they are concerned with your safety.

The bracelet is iconic with religion, but in recent times it has become more of a fashion accessory than anything else. It can be made to accommodate your style or interests. The knots can symbolize whatever you wish them to. The bracelets vary in cost and complexity. It is a unisex piece, meaning that men and females can adorn the fashion accessory in whatever style or medium that they choose.

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