Four Quick And Flattering Updos

Posted on 08 March 2017

Long hair is something that every girl yearns for. Having long hair is incredibly appealing, but it can be difficult to style when you are in a rush. The typical adult spends anywhere from five to ten minutes in the morning rushing to pull everything together before starting their work day. In all this chaos, worrying about what hair style to adorn seems minimal.

If it seems like there is never enough time in the morning to get everything done, consider putting your hair in an updo. The right type of updo can transition you from a long workday to a night out on the town. When choosing to wear an updo, it is important that the hairstyle accommodates your facial features. Four simple and quick updo’s are the half updo, tight updo, French twist, and quick twist.


The Half Updo


The half updo hairstyle is great for women with round faces and thick hair. To create this style, take all your hair back and make it form a knot. Do not pull your hair tight. Instead, keep the top section of your hair fuller than the knot. Inspirational hair ties can be used to hold the knot in place. Pull a few strands from the top of the head to frame your face.


The Tight Updo


The tight updo hairstyle is appropriate for women who have square faces, strong jawlines, and thin hair. With wet hair, pull all hairs back so they form a tight bun. Keep the bun at eye level. To give the bun some shape a texturizer can be used.


The French Twist Updo


The French twist updo is simple and chic. This hairstyle works best for women with straight hair and heart-shaped faces. Start by combing your long locks back, concentrating your attention to the hairs on your crown. Start twisting the hair from the bottom up, securing any loose hairs with bobby pins. A few hairs can be pulled out of the twist to line the neckline or forehead.


The Quick Twist Updo


The quick twist updo is a hairstyle that suits any face shape and hair type. It is a casual style that can be done when time gets the best of you. The hairstyle will require you to create two twists that line the right and left side of your head. You will twist your hair until it starts to coil up. At the point where the hairs start to coil, end the twist, by placing it into a small bun. You will end up having two buns that set right above the neckline and two twists starting from the crown of the head.

Just like with the other updo styles, there is the option to frame your face with additional tendrils. The locks can frame the neck area, or be used as bangs along the forehead. Additional hair products can be applied to hold hair in place, or accessories can be used to make the look appear elegant.

Updos provide a quick way to style long hair. They are perfect for women and men of all ages. Paying attention to what style flatters your face is important for added appeal. Updos are multifunctional, meaning you can wear them to work, on a lazy Sunday, or out on the town with your besties.


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