4 Gift Ideas for New Moms

Posted on 23 August 2017

Bringing a new life into the world is a wonderful and joyous thing—but it can also be hard and exhausting. While the new baby will certainly be showered with gifts, many times the needs of the mother can be forgotten. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for the new mother in your life, try something to brighten up her home, help her relax, something to wear and boost her confidence, or provide a delicious meal.


Something for the Home

Chances are, if your loved one just had a baby, she’ll be spending the majority of her time at home cuddling that little bundle of joy. So if she has to be home, why not make it someplace she wants to be? Sending a colorful bouquet of her favorite flowers or a potted plant for added longevity is a great way to freshen up any home---although chances are, the fresh scent of roses won’t be able to hold their own against that sweet newborn scent.  Since the new mom in your life won’t be sleeping much, it’s safe to say she’ll be drinking more than her fair share of coffee. A new coffee mug would be a great gift choice, especially if it comes with a funny slogan on it that can cheer her up on tough mornings. Another great idea is a blessing box.  These adorable boxes will allow her to write down her blessings or prayers and keep them in her special decorative tin.   

Something for Relaxing

It might seem like relaxing takes a backseat when a new baby comes but the truth is that relaxing becomes more important than ever because it is so precious. Once the baby is (finally!) asleep, your loved one won’t have the time or energy to pamper herself so why not make it easy? A super soft robe, a comfy pair of slippers, or cute pajamas are all good choices for helping your mom friend feel cute and put together while still maintaining a maximum level of comfort. Does she no longer have time for the spa? Bring the spa to her. A soothing candle, scented bath salts, and fancy bubble bath can do wonders for any exhausted mama.

Something to Wear

While the new mother in your life might be frustrated to find that she can’t fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes just yet, it’s probably best to stay away from gifting clothes. That doesn’t mean your loved one can’t feel fashionable and put together, though. Stick to buying accessories and beauty products because one size certainly fits all. A piece of inspirational jewelry, a stylish scarf, or socks with a cute print are all great options. If you’re familiar with her beauty tastes, then a cute lipstick or a nail polish in a seasonal color would also be good ideas.


Something to Eat

It’s true what they say about newborns—you barely have time to sleep or shower, much less cook a meal. Many new mothers may depend on take out and frozen pizza during the first few weeks so a home cooked meal will certainly be much appreciated. If you know your way around a kitchen, then delivering a freshly cooked meal is the ultimate way to shower your friend with love. Arrange a night to bring dinner so your friend can plan ahead and then drop it off on her porch at a prearranged time so she doesn’t need to deal with getting dressed or worry if the house is a mess. If you’re feeling really ambitious, whip up a few muffins or a loaf of banana bread for breakfast in the morning to drop off as well and you’re guaranteed to make any new mom feel extra loved.

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