Three Ways To Keep A Loved One’s Memory Alive

Posted on 27 April 2017

Losing a loved one is a challenging time for anyone. Death is a natural part of life, but it is the main thing that we fear. It is inevitable, but we would like to decide it on our terms. We do not want to leave our loved ones behind. When death is staring you in the face it can be frightening. Seeing someone that you love pass is the hardest part of being alive.

One way that people can get through this troubled time is to do things that help them remember their loved one. Going to the places that you and your love one visited, doing a hobby that you two enjoyed, or purchasing a piece of jewelry to keep them close are all great ways to keep a loved one’s memory alive. Even though the situation is difficult to bear, it is important to remember the good times you had with the person who has passed. Allow their passing to push you forward, not back.


Going To Special Places


If you and the deceased had a special place you would visit, go there. They would want you to continue to live your life. Allow this place to remind you of the good times that you had together. Even though they are not with you in body, their spirit is still there. Let this place drive you to move forward. This can be hard to do at first, but overtime time will heal your wounds.


Doing A Group Hobby


If you and your loved one did certain things together, do not stop doing it. Hobbies are a wonderful way to spend time with another person. Whatever your hobbies were, continue to do them. Remember, your hobby was something you enjoyed. The fact that you and your loved one did it together will allow you to remember them for who they were prior to their passing.


Purchasing A Piece of Jewelry


Jewelry has always been a fantastic way to keep the relationship that you had with a loved one alive. Living in Heaven jewelry can be worn as a constant reminder that your loved one will always be with you. It can provide you with the strength to keep pushing forward and achieve the goals that you want in life. Sometimes this simple reminder can be the one thing that helps someone in mourning get up in the morning, and try to regroup.

Losing a loved one is hard. It doesn’t matter how old the loved one was, or what they were going through prior to their death. The pain is still going to be there. When you care for someone deeply and they pass, you will always remember them.

You will learn how to deal with it, and how to continue to function in society. The memory will never fade. Certain days will be tougher than others. On these days, doing something that reminds you of the person in an effective way is beneficial. Go to your favorite spot together, do a hobby that you two enjoyed, or wear a piece of jewelry that makes you feel close to them. 

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