Three Types of Jewelry That Use Bella Beads

Posted on 20 June 2017

Bella Beads are becoming popular in jewelry. These pieces feature a simple little cross, usually in a color such as green or white, and it is the only adornment on the jewelry. Such items are popular with those who do not wish to call much attention to themselves, but still want to wear something that proclaims their faith. Jewelry with Bella Beads can be ideal for anyone, from busy mothers, to teenagers and even children. They can be coordinated with just about any outfit, and are appealing enough to wear to church, while still simple enough for an everyday ensemble. Here are three different types of jewelry that use Bella Beads, and how they can make an elegant, yet faith-stated piece come together.


Earrings That Can Show a Simple Yet Attractive Statement of Faith


Bella Bead earrings are often simple gold or silver hoops, and they have the “bead” or cross shown prominently in the middle. The colors are often neutral, so they will go with a variety of outfits and hair colors.  They can be worn by women of all walks of life, from those who are young and have had their ears pierced, to older women. There is no age limit for what is appropriate with this type of jewelry, since it is meant to flatter everyone. It can be a simple reminder of one’s faith, as they are out in the world and workplace, while still showing an understated elegance.


Bracelets with Bella Beads Make for a Youthful Look


Bracelets with Bella Beads are a little bit more colorful. They tend to feature a cross in the middle, surrounded by several beads, often in complimentary colors. The beads can vary in size and texture, and thus can give a youthful appearance. Sometimes they might have a little tassel near the cross. While a little more vibrant, they give a slightly trendy appearance and proclaim one’s faith at the same time. This might be an interesting way to draw in individuals who have never considered wearing jewelry that focuses on faith, but are intrigued by how beautiful it can be. Bracelets with Bella Beads can be worn alone, or they can be combined with several on each wrist, to create a look that is both simple and young.


Bella Beads Are a Focal Point on Necklaces


Bella Bead necklaces are similar to earrings, in that the necklace is usually on a simple chair, featuring a Bella bead cross in the middle. Because they often come in colors much like the earrings, they can be matched together. This creates a look that makes a strong statement of faith, while still looking simple and polished together. Women who do not enjoy wearing a lot of jewelry might be happy with just a necklace, since it becomes a focal point of the outfit, but is not flashy. Those with small children will enjoy the simplicity, since it does not have a lot of beads and extras for a child to pull at.

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