Three Things Stamped Necklaces Memorialize

Posted on 24 March 2017

There are many things to commemorate in life, such as the birth of a new member to the family, rebirth of an idea or person, or the end of an era. Stamped bar necklaces can be worn to show recognition of these pivotal moments in daily life.


Birth of A New Family Member


First time parents are proud of their children. It is evident through the various Facebook pages online. A first-time parent tries their best to do everything for their child. They live, eat, and sleep for their child. During the times that your child cannot be around you, during work, or other adult events, a piece of jewelry can make a difference.

A necklace with your child’s name engraved in it, is a wonderful way to keep them close. A beautiful, simple piece of jewelry with a singular inspirational message, such as believe, blessed, hope, or faith can help keep your spirits up while you are away from them.  You will never stop thinking about them, but with a stamped bar necklace you can always have them nearby. Most employers do not mind if an employee adorns a small necklace, so you will not have any problems wearing a reminder of your child while you work.


Rebirth Of An Idea Or Person


There are times in life when a rebirth occurs. This rebirth can be an idea or it can be a person. For example, perhaps you have always had a fascination for pottery, but time did not permit you to practice the skill. Eventually, you may lose the crafting techniques that go into making a beautiful piece.

Life can get in the way of practicing a skill. But, one day you decide that you want to step back up to the kiln and create something. This would be considered the rebirth of an idea. A stamped necklace could remind you every day to not lose the skill that you gave up or lost track of.

People are reborn in numerous ways. They can be reborn spiritually, mentally, and physically. A stamped necklace can be used as a constant reminder of where you came from, and where you are headed. The necklace can give you hope to carry on with your day, and rejoice in your rebirth.


The End of An Era


Death is often sad and traumatic, especially if it is a loved one that has passed on. The grieving process is different for everyone. The best way to keep a piece of your loved one close is to celebrate their life. Celebrate the time that you had with them, regardless of how long or how short it was.

One day, we will all pass away. Death is inevitable. A stamped bar necklace can provide a grieving daughter with reassurance that she is on the right path of fulfilling a deceased parent’s expectations. A grieving widow can gain strength to move forward and live every day to its fullest, until they are reconnected with their loved one.

Inspirational jewelry can be used as a reminder of three major events in life. It can remind us of birth, death, and rebirth. It can be used to freeze a pivotal moment in time, or provide reassurance that everything is going to be alright.

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