Funky Or Simple: A Look That Can Be Worn Two Ways

Posted on 20 November 2017

When it comes to jewelry, it’s hard to match personal tastes. You may enjoy layering items together. Other times, a simple look is the best. Is it possible to find beautiful jewelry that will look good no matter where you wear it to, and can be worn either by itself, or layered with several other items? When you use Bella Beads, you can do just about anything you want, and still look fantastic! Here are a few benefits to adding these beautiful jewelry items to your collection.


The Designs Are Small But Noticeable


At first glance, this may seem like a downside to some folks. Shouldn’t the designs be bigger if the jewelry is pretty or memorable? Having small designs means it looks great when layered together. You can pile several bracelets or necklaces on for a dramatic look. Or, just layer a few, and see how it turns out. If you ever feel that is too much, you can strip down to just one item, and proudly wear that. The best part is, you’ll still look fashionable, and your Bella Beads will be a beautiful addition to your outfit regardless of how you wear them.


Bella Beads Feature Muted Color


Everyone likes a little bit of color no matter what they are wearing. Some people don’t want to add too much into their outfit, thinking it won’t look good or may even clash. With Bella Beads, you don’t have to worry about that. Because the beads and jewelry are muted, or even just plain silver or gold chains or hoops, your jewelry can be matched to your outfit without any forethought. You’ll always look good and never have to worry about items clashing or otherwise not matching what you’re currently wearing.


It’s A Beautiful Statement Of Faith That Appeals To Anyone


Many folks think that only those who are deeply religious wear jewelry with crosses. While you don’t have to be, the appeal of Bella Beads is that they can easily be worn by anyone, because the designs are simple in nature. Most of these items feature small crosses painted a beautiful color, such as turquoise or something similar. Even for individuals who question their faith in God, they can wear Bella Beads, and still feel like themselves. Wearing something that is related to Christian faith can be useful in helping them think about who they are, and how God loves all his people, no matter what path they are on.

If you are looking for a meaningful jewelry for yourself or someone else, consider the benefits of Bella Beads. They can be worn several at a time, or all by themselves. It is up to you and your personal tastes. The colors are muted, and not too bright or distracting. This makes them perfect for any environment, including the office. Finally, you can step out into the world with a statement of faith or give them as a gift to just about anyone.

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