4 Reasons to Wear Thoughtful Threads

Posted on 14 September 2017

If you’re waffling between purchasing and not purchasing a Thoughtful Threads tee, you might find it helpful to consider these factors. The shirts are comfortable, help you promote your faith to the outside world, are fashion forward, and include inspirational messages that everyone can relate to. These shirts would make a great gift for the faithful person in your life or even as little gift to yourself. Additionally, buying one of these shirts would be a thoughtful gesture to give to any new believer. Available in a variety of colors and designs at an affordable price point, the following four reasons are guaranteed to make you want to spring for the purchase.



These graphic t-shirts are all made of 100% cotton and are incredibly soft. The shirts come in a variety sizes and designs, so there is truly something for everyone. The baseball tee style is a relaxed fit and is perfect for lounging around the house but trendy enough to wear out and can be easily dressed up depending on what you choose to pair it with. The classic tee shirts are cute yet modest with full sleeves and loose enough to be comfortable but fitted enough to not be too baggy.


Promote Your Faith


Being a witness of your faith to the outside world doesn’t have to be hard. You can shine your light in everything you do, from the clothes you wear to the words you say. Wearing a Thoughtful Threads tee shirt is a great way to spark a conversation that can lead to encouraging others, sharing your personal testimony, or identifying other believers to fellowship with. Additionally, wearing the shirt can be a helpful reminder to be a good example as you are representing the scripture on your clothing and others may be watching to see how a faithful person speaks and acts.


They’re Fashionable


The t-shirt designs are extremely versatile and can be paired with any number of clothing options, from a tulle skirt to denim jeans or shorts.  The on-trend scripted type is fashion forward and will look like you are wearing a much higher end clothing item. The cute font, meaningful message, and solid construction are a great deal for the price.


Inspirational Messages


The most important component of any Thoughtful Thread is the message, which adds significant meaning and elevates an otherwise everyday shirt into a powerful tool to spread inspirational and uplifting messages of faith and comfort in a troubled world. The different messages can be used to inspire, uplift, and comfort others, with the added bonus of being able to express your Christian identity to everyone you encounter. You may never know who around you is struggling and will be encouraged by the message you choose to wear on your clothing, or spread with your inspirational jewelry. Many of the shirts derive their slogans from scripture and can serve as helpful reminder of passages we need to remember most during our daily journey through life.

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