3 Gift Ideas for College Students

Posted on 19 September 2017

Heading off to college is an exciting adventure but it can certainly be a nerve-racking to be away from home for the first time. If you’re looking for gift ideas to send to your college student, think about a gift that will either provide function and make their new lives a little easier or a gift that will provide comfort if they find themselves feeling homesick. A few ideas may include putting together a care package, helping with school supplies and other essentials, or purchasing items that will help transform their dorm room into their very own home away from home.


Care Packages

An easily customizable options, care packages can be sent at a variety of price points depending on what you choose to include, so this an idea that is great for any budget. You can fill your package with both necessities, such as toiletries, and fun items, such as a gift card to a movie theatre. Since most college students are on a fairly strict budget, even receiving a $10 gift card for a meal outside the school’s cafeteria will be well appreciated. It can be hard to be away from home where you don’t have everything that you need at your fingertips, so creating a package that includes things like cold medicine, Kleenex, heating pads, first aid supplies, or a small tool set are all great ideas that your student won’t think of buying until they actually need them. Including a cool cross hat can be a fun way for them to deal with a bad hair day when they are rushing off to class.


School Supplies

Chances are, your student will be doing quite a bit of studying at college. They may find themselves going through highlighters and index cards at a much more rapid speed than they ever did in high school, so replenishing their school supplies for them is a thoughtful gesture. In addition to pens, papers, highlighters, and other study materials, it’s nice to provide a vessel to schlep everything across campus with. If your student doesn’t want to lug around a bulky backpack each time, consider buying them a Totally Totes bag. Made of Jute material, this bag is easy to keep clean and hard working. In addition to being a sturdy bag for carrying study materials, Totally Totes come with an inspirational faith based message on the outside—allowing your student to promote their faith without having to do a thing.

Comforts from Home

Creating a home away from home in a dorm room can be difficult but there are some items that can instantly make any atmosphere feel cozy. A soft rug underfoot, a cozy fleece robe or slippers to lounge in, and a cute coffee cup are all simple gifts that will see lots of use while making your student feel like they are at home. Framed pictures of the family, a pretty lamp, and a coffeemaker are a few other good options. Anything coffee related should be well received by sleep deprived students during finals! A few of these things will be a great source of comfort to your student should he or she start to feel homesick.

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